When I was a young poot
and stationed in
Germany, I meet Wolfgang
Schidler, who turned out to
be a lifelong friend.
Wolfgang’s wife is Barbara
and her family own the
Metzgerei Engel (Butcher
Shop) in
Gustav-Hoch-Str. 44a
Tel: 06181 84101
Barbara's Mother
Wolfgang, 1966
Angelika & Jochen
Jochen makes the
sausage and meat
products for their
When Wolfgang and I
met, I lived in a little
room behind the top 2
windows of this old house
Prüm, Germany.
Barbara and Masako.
Barbara showed us how
to make what has
become my favorite
Cucumber Salad.
More Recipes Comming
This is our local German
Market: Kuby's
We often get our sausages;
bread, deli stuff and many
products form Germany that
we can’t find anywhere else.
Kuby’s has a nice little German restaurant
that is also unique…………nothing else
like it south of  
Muenster or north of
Fredericksburg Texas.
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