The Geriatric Gourmet Disclaimer
This is not a professional website. It is a
hobby of delirium-delusion, babbling and
meandering. And I am about as goofy and
crazy as an
old hound dog, sittin’ out in the
barnyard scratchin’ fleas and howlin’ at the
You are free to download anything on this
site, that is downloadable, at no cost but
what you download is what you get and
there are neither guarantees nor tech
I spend summers at my hideout, in the deep
woods among the goblins and banshees, at
9000 feet in the Santa Fe National forest.  
So far, I don’t allow TVs, computers or any
communication monkey business there.
As best I understand it, this is how it
works:  The recipes are all in PDF files.  
You click on the link of the picture or name
of the recipe.
The PDF opens and if you want to keep it,
you save it to your computer.
You will have to have
Adobe Reader (or
some equivalent PDF reader) installed on
your computer.
You can download it free.
I notice that when I click on one of the
recipe links to a PDF, the little download
box appears and does its thing.  Then there
is a long pause and nothing happens.  You
will wonder if it didn't’t work and then
about that time, the PDF opens………so be
Most of the time, the site is not monitored
and I may or my not answer emails.  What
time I spend with this mess is mostly trying
to put together the content and it is very
time consuming. I also spend a lot of my
time lost in the woods and looking for
mushrooms……………or wondering what
I went out there for.
When the website has the inevitable
problems, it’s because I’m poor and made
it myself and I don’t know what I’m doing.
I used Yahoo Site Builder to do it and,
while the tech support is very good, as with
instructions for all things, great and small, I
find myself more often vexed and confused
by them than understanding and
accomplishing anything. I have no doubt
that many things on the site won't work
right...................oh well, gotta start
However, over the years,
I’ve enjoyed some praise for the recipes
(both prepared and served by me and
others) so acquiring, preparing and serving
them may be worth the trouble of putting up
with the goofy website.
Because I am an old poot,
I don’t see so well
anymore: Of great
irritation to us old poots is
all the teeny-weeny fine
print on websites, credit
card and bank terms and
conditions, and
instructions for just about
anything, omnis.

So I put all my recipes in
PDF files with
BIG font so
that anybody, who can,
read can read them.

A couple of goofy things
happen when you click on

Sometimes a blank page
opens in the browser.  And
then, after you get the
little download box, there
is a long pause when
nothing happens, and
about the time you think it
isn’t going to work,
bugger opens up.

Dammed computer
monkey business!

If I live long enough, I’m
going to translate the
recipes and all this
monkey business into
Spanish, German, Italian
and, with a lot of help,
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Use this form to contact us to get more
information about our company, products,
or services.
This is the little Contact form that came
with the website program. But actually
there are no products and services on this
website and what you see is what you get. I
am retired now.
My company was called
and, technically, it still exists but when I get
calls for jobs, I farm them out to friends
who are still in the business. I only do
drafting for my own goofy stuff now.
This Contact Monkey Business
Does not yet function because I
have not yet figured ot how to
make it work.

It’s too soon now anyway; the
whole site is still a mess.
Here is some, for whatever its
worth (not much), monkey

More Babble (http://goo.
gl/5hUjq1) to be ignored:

Confessions of an asocial-
media person:

Self interest and, at least some,
vanity are survival necessities.
And while I understand that, in
the grand scheme of things, my
significance is so
infinitesimally minor that it
can’t be calculated, I’m as
vain and self-centered as
anybody. About things like
Facebook and hand held
gizmos (cell phones, tablets
etc.), I notice that some of us
are so obsessed with them that
we sometimes endanger each
other e.g. texting while
driving, and we miss much of
life around us. We don’t stop
smell the roses (http://goo.
We put stuff on Facebook that
interests only us and is ignored
by everybody else. Even if it’s
significant (politics,
economics, science etc.), most
ignore it and certainly nobody
cares if your cheeseburger
came with bacon or not
Why We Do What We Do).
So, I occasionally check
Facebook in little 2-3 day
spurts but, mostly, I ignore it.

This website is very self-
centered and serves as my own
little social media mess. If
anybody really cares about
what I think, they can go to the
trouble to open this monkey
business and see it here.
The Empire Syndrome
I didn't cause it
Technology Disclaimer:
One mess I didn’t make.
Meaning of Life

I spent a good part of my youth getting
bad grades in school because, when I
should have been listening, I was
staring out the window. Thinking
about religion, philosophy, Einstein –
Relativity, physics etc., I was trying
to figure out what it’s all about. Why
are we here?

Much later in life, an answer bubbled
up. It’s not good for, and won’t be
accepted by everybody, but it
satisfies me and I got to stop
worrying about it.

We are here to keep each other
company. For me, this means that the
most important thing that will ever
happen in my life is friendship.
I you have trouble with this
website; it may be because you
need to learn more about how
to do it. Instructions are
A Mother’s Love

Later, it occurred to me that I had
overlooked the most important thing in
ALL human experience. Without A
Mother’s Love, we might all be here, but
we would have evolved into some other
kind of species e.g. Lizard. Without the
Mother’s Love all mammals would have
become extinct before they ever even got
started (evolution).

So AML first. And after all, who is most
often your best friend and from whom do
you learn what friendship is?
Beware of these eyes!
They belong to a Weird thing
that, among the Indian Spirits,
hunt the woods around Cuatro
Alamos on full moon nights
and might turn you into a
Banshee Chipmunk.
Grand Buckets of Toad
Ohhhhhhhhhh – Stinky!
Mark Stinkerbug
Sandar PeePee