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Me with friends, Sevilla, España, 1962
The Gourmet with friends, Sevilla,
España, 1962
Spanish Air Force
Emblem, of the

, Spain,
Radar Station, 1960.
In Spain, I lived and
worked with the
Spanish Air Force on
Spanish Air Force
Base. I ate their food
and, from thier
learned to cook it.
872nd Aircraft
Control & Warning
Patch, USAF,

, Spain
Holding Olives
from an Olive tree
in front of my
house in
España, 1962
615th Aircraft Control
& Warning Patch,
Prüm and
in 1964.
615th AC&W Börfink
In Germany, I
worked with the
German Air
Force. I ate
their food and,
from their
Grandmother’s, I
learned to cook
Me at my
restaurant (Café
Sevilla) in the 70’s.
I spend winters in Texas or
traveling, and summers in New
Mexico. I have traveled, and or,
lived and worked in various North
American States, Spain, Germany,
Italy, Mexico, Poland, France,
Holland, England, Belgium,
Luxembourg, Turkey, Austria, Switzerland,
Canada and Japan.  

I’ve been cooking since I was a Boy
Scout and I first started collecting
recipes in Spain when I was 18
(close to 60 years ago). I have
gathered a great pile of them,
mostly from, "
The Horses Mouth”:
Grandmothers, Texas Bar-B-Que
Smokers, lady’s Tamale,
Pierogi, and Ravioli parties, New
Mexico Chili and Pozole Cooks,
Street Vendors, Big shots, Little
Shots, Nobility, Spanish Gypsies,
Restaurant, Hotel, Pension, Bed
and Breakfast Cooks and Chefs

I have worked as a professional chef
and once owned a restaurant called
“Café Sevilla”. In the 70s I was a
chef at several other restaurants e.g.
The Grape.

I was once married to a beautiful
Italian girl, from the
I have known many professional chefs and
discovered long ago that, while some are good
(many just pretentious), often Grandmothers
are just as good (sometimes better)  but don’t
wear the silly, white monkey suits, and so,
don’t get as much credit.
I have lived with a beautiful
girl from Tokyo for the last 30+
years. She does most of the Asian
food in our house and I will
eventually get around to including a
lot of it on this site.

I speak fluent Spanish and Italian,
“get by” Portuguese, fair German,
half assed Japanese and French I’m
beginning to do pretty well with

I have 50 years of food monkey
business in my brain. It has piled
up until it’s just trying to spill out
all over this website and if you want
a bit of it, just download it from the
Recipes Page.

Whopty Whomp and I hope its fun.
Fida Wild has been very helpful to
us during our travels in Switzerland.