I really do have two gardens (one in Texas and one in New Mexico). I designed a small
winter kitchen garden hot house and I will eventually get around to putting the plans here.
We live in New
Mexico in Summer
and Texas in winter so
I keep a little kitchen
garden in my little
Texas hot house in
is it.
Here are the plans for building this little
Greenhouse. They got pretty
complicated so I had to do them in three
This was the beginning of making my New Mexico
Garden at the beginning of last summer. (2010) More
to come next year.
Even in the dead of winter all are happy
inside and I have Fresh Herbs and Veggies.
all the little herbs are warm and cozy
and still happy when the sun comes out
and the ice melts.
This is our good friend Javier at work in
his garden in Geneva, Switzerland.
Javier works for the
honored me
by asking me
to plant some
things in his
This is
Il Signore
and his
garden at the
Regina Giovanna
and farm
we rented an
apartment in
Sorrento last year.
The family grows a wonderful
garden all year round and here you
see lemons, fennel, borage and
many herbs. They family also
produces Olive Oil and
among other things.
These are some beauties in the family garden.
The family garden overlooks the Mediterranean and
the Bay of Naples.
When I first built the little hot house,
I just made a dirt bed.
This grew plenty of stuff but also the
weeds loved it.