I really do have two gardens (one in Texas and one in New Mexico). I designed a small
winter, kitchen garden, hot house and I will eventually get around to putting the plans
So I took everything out, dug two little
trenches, lined the whole thing with black
plastic and put a walk board down the
I build little
houses out of old
fence wood for
the critters that
hang around the

While I haven’t
been able to
convince any of
them that they
should help with
anything, I enjoy
their company
when I am
cooking or
messing with the
Now I keep everything I want in
pots with a soaker hose running
over them.  This way I only grow
what I want and keep the weeds out.
Well, I went to one nursery and website after
another to find something to attract Bees. I
bought this and that and attracted two or three
bees. One day I was puttering with my plants and
having a Root Beer. I took a swig out of the can
and almost drank a bee. Wow, would that ever
have been dumb!
In Albuquerque, we stay with our
friend Judy Johnsen. At the
beginning of the summer (2010)
Morning-Glories sprouted
voluntarily all over her patio and
she gave me seeds from the year
before. I planted mine at Cuatro
Alamos at the same time that hers
sprouted. By the end of summer,
hers (at 5000 ft.) were 8 ft. and
spread out in all directions and
mine never got up to more than
about a foot tall.. When it’s over
100° in Texas, on most evenings,
when the sun drops behind the
pine trees at 9000 ft., the
temperature drops quickly to 40°
or below.
Except for plants that are native at
this altitude, things just don’t grow
very enthusiastically.

So next year, I’m going to build a
log version of my little
House in Texas over my little
Cuatro Alamos Garden.
Then one day, a few weeks later,
the bees were suddenly gone!
ignorant, irresponsible
in the grand delusional notion
that a house that would belong
to such a moron was more
important than the bees, had
poisoned them.
Now about every other day, I
see a lone bee scout and I
quickly set out the Root
Beer………..no luck so far.
So I poured a little
Root Beer into a
little plastic bowel
(from a TV
dinner), added a
little plastic net so
the bees wouldn’t
drown and set it in
my little
Whoopty Padonk, Hallelujah and Winky Dink!
Within 30 minuets, I was swarmed with bees. I
sprinkled the Root Beer around on my plants and
as long as I kept it coming,  the bees kept coming
and I had peppers, tomatoes, peaches, cucumbers,
squash and all manner of wonders.
My Squirrels (this one’s
name is Rodrigo) are
very religious and have
come to believe that I
am the Great God........
By the end of summer in 2010, I had my
little Cuatro Alamos Garden growing
but learned that at 9000 feet, everything
is stunted.
Zbees, zbees, zbees, zbees,
zbees…………and Root Beer!
I know that if the
scout ever comes
across the Root
Beer, it will hurry
home, tell
everybody, I will
have my bees again
and eventually
something like this
will be the cure for
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