I was going to put the
Music stuff on a separate
website called
Green 1st.
com and maybe I will
eventually. I have
registered the domain name.
I call it Green 1st because
now there are many other
bands called Green (e.g.
Green Day, The Green,
Green Hope,
The Greenband, Green
Eggs, The Green Machine,
Green Country,
The Green Room, Green
etc.) but we formed our
band in the 60’s and we
were the
first to be called
Green. This was long before
anybody in the USA knew
anything about all the
Green environmental fuss.
The closest thing to it back
then was called
Conservationism (which is
not the same thing) and
words like ecology and
environmentalism were not
yet part of the common
American vocabulary.
I had lived in Germany and
knew about the beginnings
of Green Party
Even to the other members
of the band, I didn’t try to
explain why I wanted to
call it Green.  I knew that it
just seemed like another
one of my screwball ideas
and it would have been too
vague and generalized back
then. I just said think of it
as the color of Grass (pot)
……………..or money,
with the hope that it would
make us a lot. The money
part was a good, capitalist
way to explain it to the FBI
when they came looking for
draft dodgers who hung
around with us back then. If
I had tried to explain
something about
environmentalism (a word I
didn’t know yet) the FBI
would have considered it
some kind of communist
plot. I thought Green, the
Environmental movement,
would  sweep across the
USA within a few years and
we would ride the crest of
the wave and cash in on it.
I was forty years too early.
This music mess was on  on the Doodads & Tricks page
because I have friends who do Yoga and yet they are not
able to do this amazing trick that I can do. As
Andy Griffith
(the sheriff of
Mayberry) once said “I am able to take this
great big foot and put it into this little mouth”.

I have spent a good part of my life putting my foot in my
mouth (saying insensitive; asinine things to people whom I
love) and I have this other trick which has often enabled me
to slide right by as if I had always been a nice guy.
I can drink some
Hack at playing a little Flamenco Guitar (and wish I could
play it like
Sabicas) or bang out a little Boogie Woogie
Piano (and wish I could play it like

And, briefly, I am able to entertain as if there were no
tomorrow (wish I could compose and play as well as
Somone) and draw everybody’s attention away form my
amazing "Foot in Mouth" trick.

Arrogantly puffed up with grandiose ideas about doing some
tricks to change the world, I had the privilege, in my youth,
of recording some songs with the band called Green.

The beginning of a list of these songs is at left. As we are
able to convert them to digital files, I will gradually add
As Time Goes By.
We made these recordings when
we were young and had grand
Old poots now, we have started
doing a little recording again but
without the big ambitions. Maybe
I’ll put some of the results here
Here are a few internet
references to Green:
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 Green You Tube D.
Casebeer Intro
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Casebeer, Various Songs
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Members of the band “Green
  Bobby Blood: Brass,
 Claudia Snowden: Flute,
3.        Dee Zimmers: Vocals
   Gary Casebeer: Drums,
Keyboards, Vocals
 James Neel: Reeds,
Brass, Vocals
  Jay Pruitt: Piano, Brass,
Strings Arrangement, Vocals
 John Martin: Keyboards,
Guitar, Vocals
  Kathy Pruitt: Cello,
Violin, Viola
 Richard Gardzina: Reeds,
Keyboards, Vocals, Bag Pipes,
Wilson fisher: Base,
Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica

At one time, Larry Miller
(Guitarist) was Green’s manager.
He also wrote songs and a few
are listed at left under Songs by
Green Friends.

Other musicians who played with
Larry White: See next page
Lon Price
3. Tommy Morrell
4. Darrel Lenard
5. Chuck Mandernach
6. Mark Casebeer
On Atco, 1969
Available @
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15,
On Atco, 1971
Available @
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
10, 11, 12
I  call four of these songs “Kathy’s Songs” because Kathy
Kelsey Pruitt Kelley was a dear friend and a brilliant
Cello Player, who was a member of our band called

Jay Pruitt was Kathy’s husband, a member of
(Piano, Brass & Vocals) and he helped Cathy arrange
some of the string parts for these songs.

We were looking forward to many other things with Kathy
and sadly, Kathy is no longer among us in this life,

Kathy’s songs are:

Where Angels Lay
Can You See Me
No Eyes but Mine

To play them, click the links in the list at left.
When “Footprints in the Snow” ends, Up
next “Sunrise # 7” (a Green song) will
appear.  Some other songs that follow are
not ours. To hear more of ours, click this
Green You Tube-David Casebeer, Various
View comments, related videos,
and more
This is not an authentic
video of Green the Band.
However, I like as much as
any band I’ve seen so I put
it here.
“Unto others as unto
As Christmas has become
about shopping malls and
commercials and no longer
has anything to do with
Jesus, “Going Green” has
become a marketing
gimmick and has little to do
with the original idea.
“Going Green”, was
originally about preserving
the delicate conditions on
our Mother Earth that
sustain us and not “Saving
the Planet” e.g. “Go
Paperless” is about
eliminating the corporate
expense of having to mail
(stamps, envelopes, paper
and typists etc.) paper bills.
Green was originally about
saving our asses.
Do unto others as you would
have them do unto you
Luke 6:31
Matthew 7:12
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