I’m not very beautiful so we can just
dismiss that right away.

Knocking on my head (wood) as I
write, I am able to say that, so far,
(other than
GERD) I have been
blessed with, undeserved, excellent

Chronically self abusive as I am, I
have, for most of my life, taken
countermeasures to repair and
prevent as much damage as I can and
I will elaborate on them here.

While I am no longer young, I am not
in my
100s yet so whatever I might say
about longevity must be taken for
whatever you think it’s worth.

On TV, I often see “experts” on
longevity who are in their late 20s
and early 30s.  I have to suppress a
little fantasy about smacking them on
the head with a rolled up newspaper.
I change the channel when I see fat
people advertising weight loss pills or
bald headed men peddling hair
growth goop.

That said, here are some things I do
that seem to work for me:

1.        I keep a bottle of peroxide
and a bottle of mouthwash in the
shower and gargle with both every
morning.  The peroxide is to prevent
infection and the mouth wash is for
breath and plaque.
2.        I keep Alcohol-based Hand
Sanitizers and
Antibacterial Soap in
the shower, by all sinks and in the
cars.  In the shower I use it for rectal
hygiene  (every morning) and in the
car in case I forget to wash my hands
in public places like grocery stores
and mass transit.

3.      OK, I’m rewording it.   I keep
a little tube of
Preparation H
Cooling Gel in my pocket, one in
the cars and one in the shower.  I try
to keep my system timed so that I am
regular in the morning before I take a
shower.  I got some flack bout my
military language in the way I said
this before so I have reworded it a
little. When in the shower and after
every crap, I put some of the
Antibacterial soap on my finger and
then stick where the sun never
shines. Then I do the same with the
Preparation H. No matter how I
tiptoe around saying it, it doesn't’
work to just smear it around your
back side…………it has to go
exactly where the problem is. 15 or
20 years ago, a colonoscopy revealed
hemorrhoids and my VA doctors
prescribed Preparation H, it works
and I have used it religiously ever
since. My last colonoscopy showed
hemorrhoids gone.
Not a beauty issue, people die of
colorectal cancer and this is a serious
geriatric health concern.
It doesn't work to just put it in the
vicinity so don’t be squeamish. It’s
your own body. Try to be familiar
with it in every possible way you can.
If you feel something (rectal) that
you think shouldn't be there, tell your

4.        I take
Saw Palmetto every
day to block
Dihydrotestoseteron. I
believe Testosterone makes your hair
fall out because I still have most of
mine and I have been taking Saw
Palmetto for a long time.

5.        I take
Resveratrol every day.

6.        I take
CoQ10 every day.

7.        I take
Glucosamine every

8.        I don’t much like the way that
any of this crap tastes but I think it all
9.        I have been taking some kind
Multivitamin since I was 18
years old. I started with Geritol
Complete and I took it secretly every
day for many years.

1.        I take
Fish Oil every day.
2.        I drink lots of every kind of
juice I can find.
3.        I like Dairy Products
(especially Milk & Butter) but I often
substitute them with the
Soy Milk
products, Margarine (the healthy kind
Omega 3 )..............or Yogurt.
4.        I love fried food (especially
Seafood) but I fry everything in

Olive Oil
with lots of Garlic. In fact,
I cook just about everything with
Lots of G & OO.

When I was younger, I was much
more vain than I am now.  (It's kind
of pointless now) I did regular
calisthenics and practiced some
marshal arts exercises (kicking stuff)
routinely.  I did this mostly in secrete
because, for some silly reason, I
wanted people to think that I was just
naturally in pretty good shape and
didn’t have to work at

Now I mostly just build a house in
the New Mexico mountains and take
walks for exercise.  The point is, of
course, that exercise is very
important to good health. "
Use it or
lose it".

I also love junk food and I eat it
enthusiastically but not often.
A Corny Dog at the fair or a Hotdog
at the campfire won’t cause a

There is a lot of disagreement about
the conflicting results of tests on
Garlic, Olive Oil and Cholesterol.

I go by my (at least bi-annual) blood
work at the VA Hospital over the last
40+ years.
Maybe the nay sayers are right but I
like Garlic and Olive Oil and I have
been eating great quantities of it for
over 40 years.

I have low blood pressure, my low-
density lipoprotein (LDL)
Cholesterol is low and my high-
density lipoprotein (HDL) Is normal
(healthy)……………..so phoo on

Besides, I like it!
Geriatric Gourmet Health & Beauty
The Gourmet, Victoria
Memorial,  London, 1963
Fritto Misto, Senigallia,
Italia, 2007
Camp Cooking, Taylor Pass,
Colorado, 1995 - Requires
Spaghetti alle Vongole, Venezia, Italia, 1995
Fish Oil, Carrot Juice, Coenzyme Q 10, Grape
Seed Extract, Resveratrol &
The Gourmet at Lackland AFB, 1960
When I was a young poot (about 18) I read
an article about two independent studies.  
One was at UCLA and another at the U of
Texas.  They didn't know about each other
and they both got the same results.  They
fed one group of rats as much as they
wanted of their favorite foods………..they
gorged themselves and got fat. They fed the
other group a wide variety of food and only
in very small quantities……………….they
were kept hungry all the time and got

The skinny rats lived twice as long (in good
health) as the fat rats and the fat rats had
lots of stuff wrong with them (e.g. Diabetes,
Heart Trouble,  Cancer etc.)

Recently i herd about the
Restriction Society.I am not a member but
I think this is pretty much what these folks
are all about.

It took me several years to shrink my
stomach.  I try not to ever eat the same
things two days in a row,  I eat lots of
variety (pretty much everything) and only
in small amounts at a time……………….I
stay a little hungry most of the time.  
Sometimes I catch myself snacking too
much……….bad. Within a couple days I
notice undesirable effects e.g. blood
pressure goes up a little etc.

I like red meat but I don’t eat it often
(maybe twice a month) and I prefer fish. I
had a neighbor that ate bacon and eggs for
breakfast every morning.  His arteries
clogged up and he died at a little over 50.  I
Substitute kippers, smoked fish (ell,
Salmon, Trout etc.) Sardines etc., for
Bacon, Sausage, and Ham etc., and
sometimes buy the no cholesterol
eggs……….same for margarine. When
driving on long trips, I eat lots of nuts.

Mediterranean Diet:

Some folks say that Garlic and Olive Oil
isn’t proven to lower the bad (LDL)
Cholesterol and that’s Honky Donky and
Whopty Padoddle with me.  I’ve lived on a
steady diet of it (along with plenty of Red
Wine) for 50 years and for whatever it’s
worth, you can see my VA Medical records
here. Take it or leave it………….I ain’t
about to change it.
Mi Dentista
Dr. Francisco Zambrano
An Extremely Lucky Fool
Grapes Nuts & Carrots
With one exception, I go to VA for my health
For 12+ years Dr. Zambrano has taken the
best possible, virtually painless, care of my
teeth at a fraction of what it would cost me in
the States.
I am a coward about pain and in the
beginning I always wanted nitrous oxide. He
always talked me out of it and eventually I
learned that, in his very careful and
experience hands, I didn’t need it.
I am not alone. The parking lot on the US side
of the border is always packed with Canadian
and far north license plates.
I can not think of anyone, about any thing for
any reason that I could more highly
recommend than Dr. Francisco Zambrano.

Dr. Zambrano's office is located in
Progreso, Mexico
Map to Dr. Zambrano’s office:
And here’s a good place to stay if you’re not
in an RV:
Vali-Ho Motel
I did a Trip Plan for my
sister to see Dr. Zambrano.
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Dentista Trip Stay-Eat-Do
Dentista Trip Stay-Eat-Do

The trip plan (and notes) at Left is
from Dallas to the Rio Grande
valley and south Texas coast.
Discussed in them are road maps,
places to stay and eat and things to
see and do.

Towns/Areas: Midlothian,
Glenrose, Goldthwaite, San Saba,
Llano, Fredericksburg, Hondo,
Weslaco, Port Isabel, Bay View,
Corpus Christi, Galveston, Aransas
pass, Victoria, Gonzales, Cameron,
Mexia, Ennis, Palacios,
Matagorda, Nuevo Progresso,
South Padre Island, Espiritu Santo,
Matagorda, Laguna Madre and
Aransas Bays

Nature Centers/Preserves: Laguna
Atascosa Wildlife Refuge, Aransas
National Wildlife Refuge,
Matagorda Bay Nature Park, Las
Palomas Wildlife Management
Area and Santa Ana National
Wildlife Refuge, Weslaco Visitor’s
Center, Padre National Island
Seashore, Mustang Island State

Motels/Hotels: Vali-Ho Motel, Best
Western, Luther Hotel, The Yacht
Club, Galvez

Restaurants: Old Town – Nuevo
Progresso, Mexico, Casa de
Mariscos, Sevilla Cafe, Joe’s
Oyster Bar, Guido’s - Galveston

Padre National Island Seashore,
Mustang Island State Park,
Aransas Pass, Rockport, Aransas
national wildlife refuge, Port La
Vaca, Palacios, Big Boggy
National Wildlife Refuge
My Cancer Cure Prediction
Word doc.
Bizarre Body Phenomenon
Stomach Health Goodie
Ultimately, if you’re able, the very
best thing you can do for good
health is walks................the longer,
the better. If you’re handicapped
e.g. wheelchair, just don’t call it a
walk but make your body be busy
going somewhere and make the
somewhere as far away as you can
handle. Piles of pills can not do
what exercise can. And so I take
my Health Walks and the water
birds enjoy them too..............
This is a thing I made for my VA pharmacist
(very nice lady – Dr. Cindy Nguyn) about my
weight and health problems after having
double pneumonia.
For VA Pulmonary Department
Introductory Note for VA
See this before opening
anything here
While stationed in Europe
NATO 60s), I worked with
young airmen (about my age)
from all the NATO countries e.g.
Spain, Germany, Italy, France,
England etc.
And, PhD in screw-up, I
managed to somehow avoid
getting shot by one of our guards.