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TV Cooks by Grumpy Old Poots

Last night I was sitting around the table
with a couple friends who used to be in
the restaurant business (cooks) when a
cooking show came on TV. We started to
watch and eventually all agreed.

What’s all this we, we, we, crap? Are they
peeing in their pants?

I don’t like to be patronized. TV cooks
are not my grand masters and I am not an
acolyte. There many grandmothers who
not standing in the kitchen and trying
to keep up with what’s happening on TV.

It is not
my onion and if I don’t see more
than one person on the screen, there is no
our onion!

If it isn’t Julia Child, I am sitting in
judgment! I am not participating. Do I
like this person? Do I like this recipe?
How would Judge Judy react if the
litigants assumed that she was part of
their schemes?

25 years before most of these kids were
born, I was cooking with lots of Garlic
and Olive Oil, when most people in Texas
thought it was some kind of medicine
(Cod Liver Oil) that gives you bad breath.
Sometimes I see something new and I like
it…………mostly, its stuff I already

If you are the only TV cook on the
screen, try using
I and my and forget
we and our if you don’t want a lot
of us grumpy old poots to change the
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