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I invented several
patented them
incorporated a
company and tried
manufacturing but was
never able to raise
enough money to get
This gizmo (left)
holds a leaf bag
open so you can
rake leaves into it.
Dumb me! The
gizmo cost less than
¢.30 to manufacture
at the time so I was
off and running.
Then I discovered
that the packaging,
not to mention
advertising, shipping
etc., was going to
cost about 30 times
Eventually I’ll get around to putting the
plans for building this house here but it’s
pretty complicated and I don’t have time
right now.
Whoopty Padoot, Save the planet

Every time I hear it, I would like to whack
somebody on the head with a rolled up newspaper.

The planet was here for over
four billion years  
before we bubbled up out of the primordial mud
and, barring some cosmic event like the sun goes
Super Nova, it will be here another four billion
after we’re gone.

“Save the Earth” is the same kind of stupid human
arrogance that got us into our present
environmental mess in the first place. We are not
omnipotent that we can preserve, anymore
than we can eliminate, anything as big as a planet.
We don’t have anything to say about it.

The dinosaurs were here for
165 million years,
the earth caught a cold, sneezed them off and the
planet neither noticed nor cared.

If you open
Google Earth, you will see a little
thin ring of whitish blue haze around the Earth. It’
s not the planet and, relative to the infinite
universe, it’s not very big is it?

That’s the thing we (original Green people) are
trying to “save” when we say Green.

Before it became a marketing gimmick, like
Christmas (“Do unto others as you would have
them do unto you”..............Jesus and all that)
Green was supposed to be about trying to
preserve the very fragile, temporary, delicate
conditions on the planet that sustain life. It was
supposed to be about saving
OUR dumb asses;
not the planet. If the planet has some kind of
unknowable consciousness, it probably thinks “I’ll
be glad when this bunch is gone……………what
an ungrateful, self-destructive mess”.

I didn’t build my house Green to save the planet
nor humanity……….which will inevitably get
what it deserves. I built it Green because I don’t
shit in my living room and I don’t throw my
garbage in my yard. Not only is the Earth my
yard; it is the only little ship, adrift in the vast
universe, that I can live on. And I can only live on
it as long as the food and water hold out. When
those are gone, it becomes the
Flying Dutchman.

And I built my house Green because I don’t like
utility bills.

These may be flawed analogies but the point is
clear. Just as it is dumb to saw off a limb that you
are sitting on, it is just as dumb to poke holes in a
boat that you’re floating in. The Titanic is still
there but we can no longer live on it.

And now
whoooooooooo, whooooooooo!

Cosmic stuff happens. I think the dinosaurs were
too big and heavy to live on Earth with its present
gravity. Maybe something like a slight orbit shift
occurred…………….Within the
last 65 million
years,  something changed.

I have become convinced that
eons ago, some
kind of creature dominated Mars as we do
Earth……………….and did to it what we are
doing to Earth now.
Mars is still there but with
much less oxygen, water, gravity, magnetic field
and all the good stuff needed to sustain life as we
know it.

Yes, I know, I am a

Green Future

The Earth’s magnetic field is disappearing. This
field is what prevents the solar winds from turning
the Earth’s surface into a big microwave oven. No
matter how many beer cans we recycle, it’s not
something that we can fix.

One of the constants of evolution seems to be that
it continues. Another is that whenever we think of
something, good or bad, we do it. Jules Vern
thought of an
atomic submarine and we have
one. Somebody thought of an atomic bomb and
we used it.

At this moment we are busy creating artificial life
nanobuggers, Commander Data and all
the stuff of science fiction) which is an extension
of us..................and so, evolution continues.

These creatures will not depend on the same
conditions (water, oxygen, protein etc.) that we
depend on. Pending some cataclysmic event (e.g.
Our sun goes super nova, an atomic holocaust
etc.) natural, or of our making, these creatures will
eventually replace us and continue our quest to
colonize………………way out there.

I am sad and sometimes cry as I watch what is
happening to all the beauty on this little planet
that I am part of.  But I don’t live Green because I
care about the future of humanity, which will reap
what it sows.

Had the Green thing started (
with teeth) 50 years
ago, we might have slowed down, or even
temporarily reversed, the mess for a few hundred
years. But it’s beyond the point of no return now.
Ahead is all food production controlled by
megalomaniacal corporations, extreme winters
and summers, floods, earthquakes, volcanoes and
drought. With drought comes starvation which
awakens the
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
And eventually the terrorists get their hands on
atomic Weapons.

I just live Green because I'm poor and
................................no bills.

I don’t like telling other folks what to do but try
thinking of it this way for just a minuet and forget
about all that noble, righteous hooey. Like most of
Christianity, it’s mostly a lot of hypocrisy

Beware of something (e.g.
bp ) calling itself
Green. Too often they are just trying to disguise
what they really are or trying to sell you some
kind of crap that may well be exactly the opposite
of Green. At this point in history, Lawns are
among the stupidest wastes of energy we indulge.
Dig it up and plant a garden. There is nothing
Green about a lawnmower.

I don’t care about the Hell on Earth that is coming
because I will be dead and I have no decedents.
The Drill Baby Drill people, who deny things like
Global Warming, do so because they also know
that they will be dead.

They only difference between me and them is that
I do what I can to avoid causing it and so I warn
about it. They try to hide it because they don’t
want to stop doing what they are doing.

Cuatro Alamos (4 Aspen)  is an Off
Grid, Solar house. It provides its own
water (spring fed), its own power
photovoltaic) it’s own heating and
cooling (
passive solar) and even grows
food (Garden). It cost about $90.00 a
year (propane) to run. It is our residence
in summer only.
If humanity has any future, it’s all about batteries.
Until something better is discovered, the future of
batteries is Lithium.
If you have any money, invest in Lithium while the
stock is still relatively cheap.
I need…………….Lithium for my batteries, timber for my house, seafood
because I like it, gasoline for my car, propane for my kitchen stove and I
need my car.
I am not talking about diminishing the industries that exploit and provide
natural resources or manufacture the things that use them.

I am talking about punishing (with prison and not fines) the officers of these
industries who are arrogant and greedy and do not conduct their business in
such a way that is conscientious, educated, responsible and intelligent. In
the age of Green………..Commonsense.

The North Sea is surrounded by Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and
Eco-Conscious countries and consequently it is illegal for oil
wells to be there without the
failsafe shutoff device. The officers who
decided to save the $50,000.00 and not install one on the
bp mess and the
members of the US government who made this possible by castrating the

and the MMS, belong in prison………………….for life.

Not to go into………unregulated mining, over fishing, clear cutting, gas
guzzlers etc.

Fines should not be a possible option……….left to me, it would be a firing
Our Off the Grid (Green) summer home is at
9000 feet in the
Santa Fe National Forest and is
Quatro Alamos for the four little Aspen
trees that grow beside it. We are part of a small
mountain community (50-60 houses/cabins).
About 25-30% of us are Solar powered, some grid
tied and some Off Grid. Others are gradually
adding Solar. I never reveal our exact location
except to especially invited guests but
Road 70
is in the general area of our house in the Jemez
Mountains. It’s not too far from the old
Within 50 to 70 years, half of the
gasoline used on earth will be
replaced by Lithium (or something
like it). China will probably control
most of it. Right now the stock is
still cheap.
If humanity has any future, it’s
all about Batteries!
© 1972
It has been reported that undocumented
chipmunks have been sighted in the
area. These illegal, alien chipmunks speak only
Spanish and are part of a plot to steal the jobs of
Wetherill chipmunks by working for lower
pay. Report all suspicious activity to the
Wetherill immigration authorities.
Our front yard adjoins the old Wetherill
property. The Wetherills were people who did
early exploration of
Anasazi Ruins like Mesa
Verde and Chaco Canyon.
Seeing the West with the family in “Old Woody”, I was
inspired by the interior temperature of the
Great Kiva at
Aztec Ruins. Winter-cold outside; warn inside. Summer-hot
outside; cool inside. I latere based my “Green” structure
designs on what I eventually learned is a partially underground
Double Envelop which was part of the Great Kiva.  It works
because the temperature at about five-six feet is around
over most of the planet year round.
If you are still reading this rambling babble, you might as well read this part too.

My life spent among my species (mid 70s now), any nobility that might have once
been part of my character has eroded away.

Cuatro Alamos is for me, my friends and family and it will never be finished
Use it or lose it! If you don’t constantly use your mind and body, they will

My motives are selfish but as long as I am going to be busy, I might as well be
doing what seems to me to be good………….and besides, I’m poor.

I designed Cuatro Alamos so that it can be built, as much as possible, with native
materials at minimal cost, skill and environmental impact. In other words,
unskilled poor people in Afghanistan, Africa, South America (3rd world countries)
etc., or on Native American reservations, could build it. Structurally, (basically a
tin covered
pole barn) it would be the same anywhere and cosmetically it could
look like the architecture native to the area.
Cuatro Alamos Summer 2012
The year of the Floor-We were up to too much Monkey Biz this summer so I had to do
this update in 4 Parts:
   Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

John & Masako’s Trips 2006

John & Masako’s Trips 2006

Note: It opens on Windows computers. Chromebook (Google) and Apple don't’ like
and won’t open it because it was made with a Microsoft product (Windows Media

I had forgotten that I had this and I’m adding this now:
March 8, 2013.

This little video is about some trips that Masako and I
took in 2006. Only in the first half of it, Kazumi’s  
presence then, is apparent, and in spirit, she is with us

It, along with everything on this page, and all it represents,
is dedicated to Kazumi Katamori, who passed away in
Japan on March 6, 2013.

2006 was a good year. Kazumi was with us physically.
Every year, since we first started building our house, she
had been coming from Japan to help us work and keep us
company. She is, and will be, greatly missed by all who
knew and loved her.
Cuatro Alamos Summer, 2013
Too much monkey Business this year, so update is in two parts:  
Part One, Part Two PDF
Part One, Part Two Word
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Cuatro Alamos Summer 2015 & 2016
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A little Facebook futility (politics) this morning and
then back to more relevant/worthwhile stuff: Food and
animal videos. Thanks to the part of humanity which
Carl Rove so precisely represents (perfect example),
I agree with him about 2080. And, I for one will,
nevertheless, continue to avoid dumping my garbage
in my yard and shitting in my living room………..both
analogous to the reasons for climate change.