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Cuatro Alamos 2015
Best year ever
I’m not sure if each year, my life or, just
these updates, get more complicated. But
something does. I need to do 2015 in 7
parts. And because PDF behavior is so
erratic and undependable, I’m going to
include the Word and PDF docs.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 PDF
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Word
Johnny Montaño captures a lot of the good
stuff in our neighborhood.
Jemez PDF
Jemez Word
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Previous Page
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computer stuff. Messing with any of this stuff might give you
Right after Columbus discovered
America, I made
this little video.
I forgot I had it until messing
around with update for 2015 and
stumbled across it. A better time
then: My mother, Kazumi and
other dear ones were still with us.
Unfortunately, because we’re still
in the
Cyber Stone Age
technology, you have to
download it to see it and this
could take up to 20 min or more.
And beware; this process could
cause a flat tire on your car.
John & Masako’s Trips 2007
Trying to put videos here with all these
cooties e.g. Microsoft, Yahoo
SiteBuilder, Google etc. always results in
some kind of monkey fart like this: Poke
this plugin in you nose (or that other hole
down below) because it won’t work here.
So I put some on Facebook and this is
where they are:

Richard and John shooing flies off a
pile of something:

Richard and John scratching fleas:

John & Masako’s Trips 2007:

Larry and John chasing a herd of
Jemez horned toads.

Larry and John avoiding rush hour
In years past, my mother, Kazumi, and many others dear to
us, were still among us. Because of their passing, 2014 was
our worst year and the worst year of my life. Aside from that
(life goes on), 2015 was our best year at Cuatro Alamos.

So this page will be mostly devoted to 2015 and have more
about it than the previous page has about past years.

Having lost so many, I have no adequate words to express
my gratitude for our good fortune now. While lost loved ones
can never be replaced, we are blessed in having so many
good neighbors, who have become our new friends.

Some among them are (alphabetically):

Herb & Annie Greenwall
Jessie &  Sparrow
Johnny & Toni Montaño
Larry & Myra Padgett
Mike &
Stephanie Skaggs

Many friends of these folks have become our friends as well.
Skaggs, Montaño, Greenwall, Padgett
Google has an unsupported,
collective IQ of 12.
I’m working on my 2nd PhD in screw-up so I might be of
some help with your first one.
I built a floppy, up and down,
roof for my deck and my friend
and neighbor, Larry Padget,
wanted to build one. I was in
Texas and he in New Mexico at
the time so I made a little
presentation on how to do it.
Floppy Deck Roof
Cuatro Alamos
Cuatro Alamos 2017
Part One
Step Family & Dr. Chavez
Part Two
Part Three
2017 Déjà vu Greece
Parts 1, 2 & 3
Because of the,  relative to Star Trek
technology, our quasi stone age, all
things computer, mess, links here will
not open in new tabs or pages (as I
programmed them to do), it will be more
convenient (less back and forth pain in
the butt) to open this
(Déjà vu) here
(Google Drive): https://goo.gl/foCXwc
Dumb Ass............

But not dead yet!
Why I Live in New Mexico
Update 2018 ----Big Mess

To be augmented after Pulmonary testing at VA Hospital