New Mexico
This is our house in New Mexico and where
we cook with all manner of New Mexico
things like
New Mexico Green Chiles.
Kazumi, who is very talented, (center) comes
every year from Japan. She and Masako do the
tile and stucco work. Richard Silva (right)
lives in Abuquerque, is a good cook and helps
work on the house.
This was my original plan for the kitchen. I had
a computer drafting company before I retired.
And this is how it turned out………….more
or less as planed. Larry & Myra show off
Larry’s Cornbread.
This is Judy Johnsen and Masako in Japan.
Judy lives in Albuquerque and over the
years,  all her help and support, has made it
possible for us to build our house in the
Santa Fe National Forest.
More Recipes
And even sillier
Juan’s Green
Chili Stew……..
mit Grün Chiles
And even goofier still
Masako’s Green
Chili Curry