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Geriatric Gourmet Recipes
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Juan’s Amazing

I put this Cornbread
recipe here before I
thought of a new super
ingredient – Texas
Pecans.  I also out them
on Nachos and a bunch
of other stuff. An it
really maters so add
them. I prepare the first
this is how.
Whoops! I completely
forgot that I did this
recipe a long time ago.
Googling around on the
subject (nuts) my
original recipe popped
This Contact Monkey Business
Does not yet function because I
have not yet figured ot how to
make it work.

It’s too soon now anyway; the
whole site is still a mess.
I wasted some of my youth
wondering about silly stuff  
like the meaning and purpose
of life.

I finally figured it out.

We are here to keep each other
I discovered a virus in my
computer. However, I was able
to lure it out to the patio with a
nut. I then duct taped all the holes
in my computer and sprayed the
tape with repellent.
Having tried most of the popular
programs e.g. Norton, McAfee;
Microsoft etc., I most highly
recommend the Nut & Duct Tape
method as it seems to be the most
successful so far.

If you are old and foolish like me you might
need a little timer like this one that I got at
Dollar Tree.

Sometimes when I am cooking, I go out to the
Garden and forget why. Then I get distracted
by a bug or something and burn what I’m

If I carry the little timer in my pocket, I don’t
burn things.
Warning-Browser Mess!

Well I’ll be jiggered and
fiddle-dee-dee! All this time, I
thought Dick Cheney had
sabotaged Adobe but it was a
browser problem all along.
I put my recipes in PDFs. They
have links in them. I want the
links to open in new tabs so
you can switch back and forth
from the recipe to whatever
the links refer to. This way you
can be cooking and if a link
says something about lemons,
you can check that and not
have to burn something on the
stove while trying to reload
the PDF. I mostly use Chrome
and the links won’t open in
new tabs……………they
replace the PDF. And I thought
it was an Adobe PDF mess.
Firefox, The links will open in
new tabs. Internet Explorer,
Opera and Safari are also a

I’m going to start adding the
recipes in PDF and Word. If
you want the links to open in
new tabs, use Firefox. Those
other browser monkeys are too
busy scratching fleas.
As soon as I get dealing with
all these
damn mosquitoes
(Texas rain April-May 2015)
over with, and all
my chores
Caught up, I’m going to make
Pierogi and add Poland to my
recipes pages. Meanwhile:
Hurry, Hurry, Hurry……….
Don’t miss Poland!